Welcome to Trinity Adult Ministries

Our adult ministry and education opportunities are designed to cultivate lifelong learning. We encourage questions, discussion, and joyful wrestling with the challenges of what God is calling us to do and be. For more information about our specific programs, please click on the appropriate link below.


Lifelong learning is encouraged at Trinity. We are always open to hearing the word of God in fresh ways, and encourage all of our members – youngest to oldest – to nourish their minds as well as their hearts.

We offer three regular classes to adults on Sundays:

  • Lectionary Studies: A volunteer teacher leads other adults in the study of key scriptural passages, using the Lectionary for all Christian denominations. Additional informed commentary comes from Rev. Jill Duffield, editor of Presbyterian Outlook, and other renowned theological scholars.
  • Topical Issues: This class seeks to apply faith-based learning to modern problems. We often use current authors – such as Adam Hamilton, Peter Enns, and Marcus Borgg – as a basis for discussion of politics, social issues, and new directions in worship. Each week brings a new and interesting way to practice faith in our ever-changing world.
  • Special Topics: This class varies by topic and season. Usually pastor-led, it ranges from comprehensive studies of books of the Bible to seasonal studies such as Advent or Lent.

All are welcome at any time, and many adults at Trinity enjoy sampling and attending different classes throughout the year.